Belt Buckles – A Vital Fashion Accessory

Buckle forms an important piece of a belt. They may be made from various materials such as plastic, wood or metal. Nowadays the market is being flooded with various types of belt buckles. Some of the common varieties include Gothic, war, Texas, cowboy, cow girl, western and military.

The buckles that are mainly worn to keep up with the twilight style are found to appear with flash stones or embroidered with some kind of stones. Other than to grasp the denim, these types of belts are mainly intended to make fashion statements. These days you will find a lot of scrolling, digital or lightning buckles in the market. They can be worn during the fun filled night hours.

Guy’s fashion is drastically changing these days when compared to the past. Now each and every man is fashion conscious just as any woman. They began to add a lot of accessories and even jewelry to make them look different from others. One of the excellent accessories fashion conscious men can consider adding to their collection is belt buckles.

Gone are the days when belts were used only for the sole purpose of holding the trousers. But now belts with cool belt buckets are put on to highlight a person’s personality as well as to attract people’s attention. Belt buckles may make your simple outfit to appear more fashionable and eye-catching.

As said before belt buckles are available in various varieties, it’s not so difficult to find the one that suits your taste and style. If are you are highly fashion conscious, belt buckles with crystal stones can be the right option, but you should know that they are quite expensive compared to other types. The present trend is digital buckle leather belts and scrolling light buckles. Several other belt buckles are also widely available in the market. Sometimes, belt buckles are made by orders.

Belt buckles with sacred symbols printed on it are also widely preferred by many men. These types of belts are mainly used by religious men who want to religious in each and everything. This way they convey the message of hope, love and their faith to others. Some men prefer to use buckles that represent their occupation. Some of the common types include firemen, trucker, plumber etc.

Buckles for men are mainly designed to express their fashion sensed to others. One of the best things about men’s buckle is its light weight. Moreover, it is adjustable and can be changed easily on other belts. Therefore, you don’t have to invest on other belts. It is easily available everywhere.

Nowadays military buckles have gained popularity among men and women. They are mainly intended to show their love towards the country. These types that have the national flag and emblem of the county on them. Almost all designs come in stainless steel, bronze and pewter.

Frat Fashion: This Semester’s Hottest Fraternity Styles

Whether you’re returning for your senior semester or entering college for the first time, you’ll want to know what all your fraternity brothers will be wearing this season. From classic Greek letter shirts to the right kinds of loafers and slacks, knowing what’s in style will not only impress your frat brothers but also catch the eye of any pretty sorority girl at your next house party.

If you don’t want to be labeled the house geek or be known as the guy who is constantly out of step with Greek fashion, check out this season’s hottest fraternity styles so that you can fill your closet with the shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories that will get you noticed wherever you go all over campus.

While certain Greek merchandise comes and goes or falls out of fashion, there are classics that never go out of style. If you’re trying to join a fraternity or have joined one recently, then there are certain looks that you’ll never want to be without. When it comes to footwear, a pair of fashionable Sperry top siders is a must.

These classic boat shoes have been a frat favorite for years now and are usually worn without socks when the weather gets warmer. (Just be sure to invest in a pair of odor-eating insoles as well, as these shoes tend to get a bit fragrant, especially because you’ll be wearing them without socks.) Even if you don’t go to a university near the water, these shoes are a must-have item in your fraternity wardrobe.

Any fashionable frat boy know that you have to have the right kind of slacks or shorts to go with your collection of Greek letter shirts, and the hottest fashion among the brothers right now are “Chubbies,” shorts that come in a collection of bright pastel colors.

While these might sound like a ridiculous choice for a man to wear, they are all the rage on nearly every major campus in the world, and to wear cargo shorts and any other kind of shorts below the knee are definitely out! When you go to your next spring or early summer frat bash, be sure that you’re sporting a pair of these short shorts-they’re considered not only fashionable, but a classic style as well, and you’ll be sure to get noticed.

When it comes to Greek merchandise accessories, there is nothing more fashionable than a neon fraternity snapback hat. These hats, which come in a variety of styles and colors, are usually worn with the frat letters boldly displayed so you can proudly show your love for you frat, no matter where you are!

Not only that, but the sorority girls who are sure to notice you will know where to find you when the next big mixer happens! Fraternity pride cannot be denied, and everyone will know what house you belong to when you wear one of these hats all over campus. From the classroom to the frat house, this year’s fraternity styles are in demand!